The Ministry of Defense Complex is situated near the coast of Crovan's Gate.
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The site was originally home to the shed of rambunctious lorries, Greg and Lars before being turned into a Ministry of Defense Complex.

Outside of the base, there are many tracks and a small listening post to identify enemy ships and aircraft, and a large armory, as well as a large searchlight upon which two soldiers are always posted. A large crane is stationed near a large assortment of sidings. There is also a large network of railway lines leading inside for the engines to move the dangerous cargo, and one of the lines links to the Skarloey Railway. A large gate marks the entrance to the base.

The complex is massive, and the features stationed alongside the various warehouses include but are not limited to:

  • A Garage for Muddle, Mayhem, and Filibuster
  • Various overpasses and underpasses
  • A large network of railway tracks
  • A small turntable for the engines to turn on
  • A large balcony which overlooks several sidings near the crane
  • A medical area
  • A small dockside 


The Complex had been under construction for many years with only The Fat Controller being aware of its true purpose. Although the railway network also links to the Skarloey Line, The Thin Controller was unaware of the site's prospects until the arrival of General Zen and his new shipment of weaponry. 

The site serves as a listening post, staging area, and extensive armory for the Ministry. Muddle, Mayhem, and Filibuster patroled the grounds giving orders to everyone in their sight. The complex is full of run-down warehouses and buildings that were being converted for military aims. Greg and Lars' shed also rested there for a time. The railway lines also have a small wharf that has access to small, seafaring vessels.  

During the facility's buildup, the Fat Controller loaned a great number of diesel engines to the project, excluding steam locomotives from service here out of fears that sparks from their smoke would ignite the growing munition stores at the complex. However, the Fat Controller sends Edward, BoCo, James, and Arthur to keep an eye on the operation from a distance. 

Most of The Complex was burned to the ground during the Munitions Incident. A few warehouses remain (including the medical base), and the Ministry has postponed their plans of expanding their presence on Sodor for the time being. 

Former Residents



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