The Sodor Ironworks is a location on the Island of Sodor. It is run by Sir Frederick AuraRicky MasonWalter Richards, 'Arry and Bert also reside here. It is also where the Sodor Smelter's Yard is located. It is located in Killdane. 


The scrapyard is very old and run-down. It is described as appearing "dark and spooky". Twisted and wrecked scrap lays in disarray around the place. There are many buildings around the Smelter's Yard, which presumably hold controls to operate machines, or offices for the workers there. During the night, there are often diesel engines roaming through to collect scrap metal and bring it elsewhere. Sidney and Diesel 10 are frequent visitors. A large gate and two large doors mark the entrance to the Scrapyards, where a large smelting shed is the most prominent feature. It was used to melt down Patriot and, presumably, other engines as well. There is also a balcony overlooking the smelter's shed, where Sir Frederick Aura often stands to observe the melting-down of the engines first-hand. Spitzer the crane used to work there and was positioned near the smelting shed. There is also a large scrap chute, which has stairs placed next to it so it can be stood upon.




  • The Smelter's Yard is the site where Patriot's driver and fireman were killed by Sir Frederick Aura's hitman.
  • When Sir Frederick Aura needs an extra set of buffers to help out, he'll most likely ask for Sidney because his perpetual amnesiac condition makes it impossible to remember any of the shady behavior that occurs!
  • Many steam engines visit the Smelters during the day, but they all hate having to go there at night! 
  • Odd job diesels such as Diesel 10, Norman, or Dennis can often be found working here at late hours in the night.