The Transfer Yard
The Transfer Yards is a location where the Skarloey Railway meets the Norramby Branch Line. It is located northeast of Crovan's Gate


The Transfer Yards spans a very large area. It has both narrow gauge and standard gauge track running through the area, sometimes intersecting. The transfer yards are located northeast of Crovan's Gate. Running behind the yards are a set of standard gauge tracks, which also run under a crane. In the area, there are many large buildings and warehouses. There are also several water towers for the engines to refill their water supply.


The Transfer Yards were constructed in a joint effort by The Fat Controller and The Thin Controller. The yards are used to transfer cargo and trains between the North Western Railway and Skarloey Railway.

Young Tucker was shunned here by the other engines, including Rheneas, because they believed him to be jinxed.

The auditions for the Skarloey Railway's performance of Hamlet were held here.