"He's so brave! I wish I could be like him- an example for the whole railway."
―Rosie talking about Thomas, Rosie (episode)


Thomas is a cheeky blue tank engine that works on his Branch Line with his two coaches, Annie and Clarabel.


Thomas was the station pilot at Vicarstown for eight years until he rescued James from a terrible accident. Since then, The Fat Controller has given him a branch line of his very own, where he now works happily with Toby, Percy, Daisy, Mavis, and occasionally Billy and Rosie.

Thomas and Gordon formed an alliance after many years to put an end to Splatter 's behavior (a plan similar to one of Thomas' run-ins with Gordon!)

Thomas befriended Paxton while Paxton and Norman were sent to help with the heavy work-load. 

Thomas rescued Daisy from a collapsing river bridge while Rosie looked on. 

Much later, when BoCo and Arthur were discussing the mysterious markings of The Man in the Hills, they came across Thomas, who identified the figure as a legend Sir Handel had informed them of during The Thin Controller's birthday party, much to the surprise of the former two. 


Thomas is a cheeky little tank engine with a long tongue, but he has proven his worth on multiple occasions. He does his best to help others and takes it upon himself to mend any sort of predicament. He is held in high regard, and even has his own branch line. He has been known to serve as a representative for all the engines on the North Western Railway on many occasions. Despite his cheekiness, he is a friend to all, and he is always willing to help a friend in need.



  • Thomas' 1992 model was used until EE93 started using the 2005 model. The "Sea Bound" model and "Surprised" Thomas models are also used to provide added expressions. His 2013 model was also used in Secrets of the Stolen Crown, with an added clay headlamp.
  • Thomas was guest-voiced by ThomasWoodenRailway in Rosie.