Thomas & Friends Creator Collective is a group of YouTubers who were contacted by the Thomas & Friends Official YouTube Channel to produce a fan series.

EE93's involvement in the project includes co-writing the screenplay with DieselD199, filming and directing scenes. He provides the voices for Percy, Skiff, Arthur, Dodge, Bertram, Lorry 3 and the Troublesome Trucks.

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  1. Secrets of the Stolen Crown
  2. The Great Snow Storm of Sodor
  3. Gordon's Grand Adventure
  4. Rescue the Runaway
  5. Racers on the Rails
  6. Philip's Bumpy Branchline
  7. The Fast and the Fizzleboxes
  8. Thomas and the Troublesome Trucks
  9. Henry's Fire Rescue
  10. Night of the Diesels
  11. DC Super Friends MINIS Mash Ups!
  12. Brother Bother
  13. The Great Chase
  14. Sodor's Finest
  15. Bridge Jump + Triple Chase
  16. The Steam Games
  17. Spooky Sodor
  18. Accidents Will Happen & The Not So Grand Prix
  19. Thomas' Tall Tale
  20. A Bad Day for Vinnie
  21. Gordon Goes Native
  22. Axel Takes a Tumble
  23. It's a Wonderful Railway
  24. Home for the Holidays
  25. The Island Song
  26. Thomas and the Really Useful Crew
  27. Rumbling Rails
  28. Sodor's Seven
  29. Hugo and the Lost Lorry
  30. Percy and the Railway Circus
  31. Belle and Flynn's Amazing Animal Roundup
  32. Henry's Rescue
  33. The Return of Diesel
  34. Top Ten Crashes
  35. Top Ten Thomas Moments
  36. Top Ten Races and Chases
  37. Thomas and the Super Station
  38. Gordon the Little Engine
  39. Thomas and the Great Flood
  40. Top Ten Bonus Scenes
  41. Diesel's Journey Beyond Sodor
  42. Thomas, Toby and the Big Steel Run
  43. Steelworks of Scares
  44. Save the Steelworks!
  45. Hurricane Helps Out + Frankie's Vacation
  46. Connor's Windy Day
  47. An Unforgettable Christmas
  48. Thomas Saves Christmas
  49. Ride the Rails
  50. Thomas' Troublesome Truck Trouble
  51. Belle to the Rescue!
  52. Rockin & Railin!


  • In the scenes EE93 provided for the collective, Thomas, Percy and Skiff all have lamps in Secrets of the Stolen Crown, custom snowploughs are provided in The Great Snow Storm of Sodor and TWR figures are used instead of Lego minifigures, even though all these elements are absent from EE93's series.
  • From Night of the Diesels onwards, EE93 began using Trackmaster and Wooden Railway models on detailed indoor sets in addition to his traditional filming style.


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