Who's that puffing down the line?

Thomas the Tank Engine 70th Anniversary Celebration!
is a web-video foreshadowing an upcoming project for the first time involving Thomas the Tank Engine in Enterprising Engines!


To mark 70th Years of Thomas the Tank Engine - the character - E's planning to uncover the story of someone's who's been left out, he sees an engine puffing down the line... Thomas, who's got into many adventures including Blue Mountain Mysteries, Lost Treasures, Misty Island Rescues and Heroes of the Rails from time to time proving to be a really useful engine.

E ends his announcement telling that he's the number one, and a lot of us wouldn't be here, there or anywhere without Thomas. He's totally telling a Thomas story soon, and this was a glimpse of what's to come.



  • Remade scenes of Thomas and Bertie, Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Calling all Engines, Blue Mountain Mystery, The Adventure Begins and Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure are made. The opening intro where Thomas goes into a tunnel is also remade.
  • Every E in the video is capitalised, even those in the middle of words. EnterprisingEngine93 has hinted that this may mean something.