Jack Henry Rocky
The Tidmouth Lift Bridge was built to help shuttle large building supplies to the Little Western Extension. 


The Lift Bridge is a medium-sized bridge. It is constructed with red bricks with tracks running over and under it. It has green retaining walls on either side of the lifting track, as well as a small area for the operator on the side. Several sidings are also by the small operating area.


To make the task of moving large supplies to the Little Western Extension Project easier, The Fat Controller ordered that a new lift bridge be built at Tidmouth. The bridge is located at Tidmouth Yards and carries over to the Little Western. Oliver, Duck, and Sidney often use this route when carrying ballast. 

When the bridge was completed, a signal had short-circuited and caused a massive derailment for Oliver, Henry, and Toad.

The bridge is now up and running, and the lifting mechanism is checked regularly to ensure the engines' safety. 


  • Oliver (occasionally)
  • Duck (occasionally)
  • Sidney (occasionally)
  • Several workmen