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Tidmouth Sheds and the surrounding area.

Tidmouth Sheds is the area where some of the engines go to at night to rest.


Tidmouth Sheds and the surrounding area is engineered so that there can be many engines there at a time. There are many surrounding sheds and sidings for the engines to relax. There is also a large turntable which can fit two tank engines or small diesels (such as Thomas or Diesel) or one tender engine or large diesel (such as Hank or BoCo). There is also a searchlight and a watch tower nearby, as well as several houses. There is a roadway passing through the area as well.


Tidmouth Sheds was built by workers of the North Western Railway when the railway first opened. It was later demolished and rebuilt so that it was larger and have more berths than it did before for the increasing number of engines.

The site was used to hold a respectful eulogy to Mavis after she went missing during the Tornado Incident and was presumed dead. However, she was later found very much alive, under the Little Western Extension's bridge.

Later, many engines waited there to see the Flying Scotsman when he came to visit, but his path was blocked by a rock slide and he had to be saved by Diesel 10, Sidney, and Thumper.

Common Residents