Timothy, Bill, Ben, and Marion - Meet the Characters!
is a promotional "Meet the Characters" segment highlighting Timothy, Bill, Ben, and Marion.


It is the end of another busy day at the The China Clay Works, and Timothy is eager to wind down and take a rest, but Bill and Ben come to inform him that the manager wants them all to work overtime, and that Timothy must hurry to the trenches. Timothy is surprsied, as he has never had to work overtime before, but Bill and Ben remind him that if the manager realizes that he is slacking off, he will get in trouble. This is enough to send Timothy racing off to the trenches to start "work."

Presently, Marion arrives, having heard the conversation, and tells Bill and Ben that there are no trucks at the trenches for Timothy to collect. Bill and Ben just laugh, and Marion quickly rushes off to warn poor little Timothy, while the twins just brush it off as a harmless prank.