Breakvan Toad

Toad is a Great Western brake van Douglas saved from scrap. To this day, he works with Oliver and Douglas. 


Toad was saved from scrap by Douglas with his friend and companion, Oliver. Douglas saved Toad and Oliver and they came to work on Sodor. Toad was very grateful and in thanks, Toad became Douglas' brake van. He also often works with Oliver.

When S.C. Ruffey and the other freight cars were disrespecting Duck and Oliver, Toad asked for Douglas' permission to work with "Mr. Oliver".

Toad and Oliver then restored an old station when they got lost in an old forest.

Toad was cross that he was always going backwards and longed to be at the front of the train. Luckily, he did get the chance!

Toad was with Oliver when they crashed into the snowman!

Toad was unluckily involved with the accident at Tidmouth Lift Bridge


Toad is humble and kind, but likes to offer his opinion. He considers himself to be a "forward thinker" and often fancies the rush of adventure or a new experience. A polite and respecful sort, he addresses every engine on the railway as a "mister" or "miss".

Toad is most commonly in the company of Oliver and Douglas.