Trevor Rocks!

"Young engines these days."
―Trevor, This Too Shall Pass

Trevor is a very useful traction engine that was saved from scrap and now works at the Vicarage Orchard.


Edward the kind blue engine found Trevor at the scrapyard many years ago while taking a load of iron in from the Main Line. He saw that the old traction engine was to be scrapped and felt bad for the unfortunate traction engine. Edward's crew saw the Vicar of Wellsworth later that day and the kindhearted vicar decided to purchase Trevor to work his orchards and fields. Trevor was restored and taken to his new home, where he has a shed by Edward's Branch Line. The two often talk and Trevor is the happiest he has been in a number of long years.

The Fat Controller decided to have Trevor work at the Harbour when it was being restored. The old Harbour was in turmoil but thanks to Thomas and Trevor it was restored to its original beauty and cleanliness in no time!

Trevor met James and BoCo when Jem Cole purchased some bees for his orchard.

When Trevor was pulling a cart of hay, it broke on the tracks causing a magnificent collision with Donald and Douglas.

Trevor helped to clear the line of trees during a storm alongside Emily and Murdoch.

Trevor still works happily in the Vicarage Orchard with Jem Cole.


Like his friend Edward, Trevor is very wise, helpful, and very honest, and always willing to show anyone that traction engines are very useful. There are few things Trevor loves more than children and takes them on rides through the orchard on sunny days.


He may also appear in Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and other episodes of Season 3.