That's so Vinnie

Vinnie is a North American engine.


Vinnie visited the Mainland to compete in the Great Railway Show's Strongest Engine Competition. During his visit, Vinnie's confrontational and brash demeanor brought him trouble. Upon arriving on Sodor with the other competitiors, Vinnie knocks Thomas out of the way on his way back to the ship. During the show, Vinnie pursued Philip around the showgrounds after the boxcab bumped into the big engine accidentally. He recieved his compuppance after becoming derailed and knocking over an electrical plyon while chasing Philip.


Vinnie is very competitive, with a reputation for being a bully, and will do anything to win a competition, including cheating. He views smaller engines such as Thomas and Philip as inferior to him, often calling them derogatory names such as "Shrimp" (Thomas) and "Shortie" (Philip), and often takes pleasure in bumping them around. Because of his vile behaviour, hardly any of the engines get along with him.

He is also shown to be reckless, as seen by bashing through a pile of rocks, and Gina's flatbeds.

Despite his intimidating size and demeanour, Vinnie has proven himself to be a coward in the face of greater adversity, as shown when he panicked after his accident at the Great Railway Show.