Keeping it Classy

Walter Sliggs - Meet the Characters! is a meet the characters segment featuring Walter Sliggs.


Walter Sliggs is enjoying spirits and women on his "yacht" admist his refinery, when he begins discussing "frequently asked questions" about himself. He assures everyone that all his friends are genuine, despite his recently acquired wealth. Sliggs then begins to discuss his engine roster, (Sidney, Den, Dart, and Diesel). Unable to identify any of the engine's proper names, he instead describes and discusses their characteristics and personality. D199 and D261, currently undergoing repairs following their accident, have no names. He gives them the monikers Bowler and Spamcan, owing to their past slip-ups. Sliggs also desires to acquire Diesel 10, quite enamored with the diesel's deep voice and huge claw. He begins to discuss his connection with Sir Frederick Aura, buts cuts himself off, claiming that he is merely an anonymous investor. Following his banter, he tells the audience to leave, commenting on the sorry state of his security team in the process. Throughout Sliggs' antics, an annoyed Skiff continually tries without success to correct Sliggs for calling him "his yacht".



  • The segment was written by DTChapman1.
  • A flashback from the episode Aura of Menace occurs while Sliggs is dicussing his relationship with Sir Frederick Aura.


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