The tracks creak
"Oh, here come the waterworks."
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Date Aired July 31th, 2012
Previous Episode Young Tucker
Next Episode Just Another Wild Goose Chase

Waterworks is the eleventh episode of the second season.


Stanley the White Engine has an interesting encounter with Mike and Frank, and seizes the opportunity to explore one of the abandoned waterworks near Great Waterton. When he arrives, he quickly discovers that some of the Island's old relics can quickly transform into rather precarious circumstances! 


The Fat Controller gives Stanley permission to take some ballast trucks to Great Waterton. On the way, Stanley meets Mike on the chute. Stanley toots a friendly whistle to Mike, but it only produces a strange noise. Stanley feels silly, but Mike remainds him about the time when his whistle flew like a rocket off his boiler. Stanley find this amusing, much to Mike's embarrassment, and the former sets off.

Stanley meets Lady and tells her all about his visit to the Small Railway and Mike's story, but a foreman interrupts him, he tells Stanley to be up the line to the track at the old waterworks, Stanley explains about his ballast trucks, but Hank offers to take them. and Stanley leaves.

When Stanley arrives at the waterworks, he feels something cracking under his wheels, and he and his crew fall through the floor. The aqueduct breaks and water begins to fill up the room in which Stanley and his crew are stuck. While his crew is looking for a way to escape. Stanley spots a rope on the roof. He remembers Mike's story about his whistle, and the driver and the fireman loosen Stanley's whistle in order to shoot it off, dropping the rope for the crew's escape.The crew quickly attaches the rope to the platform and climb out. The next day, Stanley is rescued and the Fat Controller congratulated him, giving Stanley a visit to the works to be mended, polished, painted and to get a new whistle. Stanley is euphoric and begins to cry tears of joy.



  • Mike mentions the time he lost his whistle, this is a reference to The Railway Series story "Mike's Whistle".


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