"Awfully chatty, isn't she?"
―Rusty, Luke and Millie's Blue Mountain Adventure
Wendy Winch-House

Wendy is an elderly and chatty incline at The Blue Mountain Quarry.


Wendy was brought to the quarry many years ago, and still stands in an older part of the quarry, where few engines go today. One time, when Millie and the Earl had teamed up with Luke to find King Orry's lost sword, she became part of the mishaps when Millie was accidentally attached to the trucks and pulled up by Wendy. After the trucks broke away, Bryon came to her rescue, and everyone was relieved, although Wendy certainly hopes that that sort of thing never happens again, despite how many times such a feat has occurred in the past!


Wendy is old and chatty, often losing herself in her conversations. She is friendly to those who she is familiar with, but she can be judgmental about newcomers.