"Sodor hardly has any distinctive odors in my opinion. It smells the same everywhere I go."
―Whiff, Culdee Fell

Whiff the Garbage Engine of Truth

Whiff is a green shunting engine that usually works at the Waste Dump.


When Whiff first arrived on Sodor, Gordon, James and even Emily ostracized the cheerful and chipper green engine, deeming him smelly and bizarre, particularly making fun of his strange whistle. The Fat Controller said that Emily was to show him around, which she was offended by. Emily tried to avoid him, but Whiff just continued to find her again, not realizing that Emily was deliberately "losing" him. However, in the end, Emily realised that Whiff was a true friend despite his appearence and obvious disgusting stench. Since that day, Whiff has been a close friend to the elegant emerald engine.

When The Fat Controller opened the Sodor Waste Dump, Whiff was the first one sent to it, and he works very hard at it!

When The Fat Controller purchased Scruff, he was sent to work with Whiff and they became good friends.

To this day, Whiff and Scruff remain close friends and they work very, very hard at the Waste Dump.

Whiff occasionally takes garbage and freight trains to Vicarstown.

He has recently become part of Scruff's 'Crew', which also consists of StanleyHank, and The Flying Scotsman. His stench, sadly, requires him to sleep outside of their shed.

Murdoch was quite put off by Whiff's unbearable stench when he arrived at High Peak Marshaling Yard expecting some peace and quiet up in the mountains. When Murdoch begins to rant about Culdee Fell Railway's dysfunction following Culdee's accident, he reminds Murdoch that the matter is a touchy subject to the mountain engines. After mentioning Whiff's bad smell, Whiff responds that Sodor smells the same to him all over!

Whiff's suggestion for Richard Hatt's suggestion Box entailed offering more recycling options on Sodor. Richard appreciated the idea, asking Whiff to stay behind to discuss the implementation of the idea after everyone else had left in disgust.