Yong bao yep
Yǒng Bǎo (勇寶)
  • First Appearance: TBA
  • Friends: Unknown
  • Enemies: Unknown
  • Voiced By: MainLineEngine112

Yǒng Bǎo (勇寶​) is a decorated Chinese engine.


Yǒng Bǎo is a kind and faithful tender engine from China, who pulls passenger coaches. He may not be the biggest tender engine or the strongest, but he once cleverly diverted an accident saving hundreds of passengers. Yǒng Bǎo was decorated for his bravery and painted bright red, which is a color that symbolizes celebration and happiness. Painted on his tender is a tiger which incites a sense of awe and admiration. Like Yǒng Bǎo, the tiger is full of life and embodies the spirit of being driven to achieve and make progress. These qualities make Yǒng Bǎo a Really Useful Engine.



  • The model was created by WongVillage from a 2013 Hiro model with new paint, and design, an elongated dome and funnel, and slightly modified eyebrows. The face was eventually replaced with the face from the Thomas & Friends Wood model.
  • Yǒng Bǎo's name means "Embrace" in Chinese.