Young Tucker
"I'm a jinx!"
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Date Aired July 16th, 2013
Previous Episode Rosie
Next Episode Waterworks

Young Tucker is the tenth episode of the second season.


When Molly hears about a new engine called Young Tucker, Rheneas had told her how all the engines think he is a "jinx", but Molly thinks it's only superstition. Molly tries to be friends with Young Tucker and make him feel welcome. Tucker insists that bad things always happen when he is doing his work, especially when Norman overheats after collecting a line of trucks Tucker had shunted for him. Molly, trying to be courteous, offers to take the trucks to prove that Tucker isn't jinxed. Tucker and Rheneas try to convince her otherwise, but she is determined. However, when she departs for the Wharf, Young Tucker forgets to advise her about the trucks' damaged brakes, and the wagons makes Molly crash into the buffers and fall into the sea. Her crew are not hurt, and Young Tucker arrives with Rocky in no time. Young Tucker feels bad, but Molly shows him that bad luck is only a supertition, and although the world may be against him, and everything wI'll likely go wrong, in the end, he has a good friend in Molly.




  • This episode features the first appearances, albeit cameos, of Caitlin, Cranky, and Elizabeth.
  • This is the first episode where Young Tucker speaks.
  • This episode is very loosely based on the TUGS episode, Jinxed.
  • This episode marks the first major role of Molly in the Enterprising Engines series.
  • This episode is dedicated to Tuckinator15, the person who created Young Tucker and Bear's models.
  • This is the second episode where the fans voiced the trucks.
  • This episode aired after Blunderbuss, making it Episode 20 in production order, but it is episode 10 because when Mavis and the Tornado, Rock-Star and Munitions became one episode instead of eight, the tenth episode slot opened for another tenth episode.


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